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Time to get back into this...

Where did I get all this energy from? When did my breastmilk suddenly double in production? How is it that my baby is always full and contented after each feed? Why is life so easy? When did my mother-in-law become so pleasant to be around? How did I get to be so confident about my skills as a mother? Why are all the answers always at my fingertips? Why am I surrounded by intelligent, helpful people who can give me the information I need at the exact time that I need it?

April 6, 2011
 How did I ever get to be so rich? 

Finding Source and Me
How am I able to keep my vibe up everyday?
How did I find time to work out?
How did I find time to meditate?
How did I find so much time for me?

How is it so easy for me to stay connected with source?
How do I only see, hear and breathe the things I want?

How am I able to calm the situation here, that no one is shouting and the kids listen to me when I speak one time?

How am I able to keep the faith that my sister will be here soon?

Moving to Florida
How did I get the money I needed to keep the people I love near me?
How am I so happy to be moving to Florida?
How did I get my mom a beautiful house next door to us?
How did I get all this faith and trust in God that all my needs will be taken cared of?
How did the universe work out everything so perfectly that my sister is moving to Florida with me?

(no subject)
When did everything get so easy?
Why do opportunities to learn new things come to me without effort?
How did I find great clothes for such cheap prices?
Where is all this extra money coming from?
Why is work so easy and enjoyable?
Why do I enjoy my life so much?
When did I start following my bliss without concern for what others think?
When did P and I go down to the beach with the doggies?

Day 3
How great is my life?
How did work turn out to be so great?
How am I always so happy?
How am I losing weight so easily?
How is everything going my way?

Day 2
How did work get so great?
How is L always so nice as she was today?
How did I keep up this positive attitude?
How is it so easy to reach for the better feeling thought?
How did I get to be so happy?
How am I getting extra money from all different sources?
When did I get this huge manifestation that I will be posting?
How is it so easy to manifest exactly what I want when I want it?

Day 1 - Second Season of 100 Day Challenge
How am staying happy all day long?
How am I releasing all the worries and focus on the positives?
Why am I finding it so easy to let go and go down stream?
Why is each day getting better than the last?

Day 1
OK, I've been really slack, I know. I'm back, it's a new month, let's get this going again :D

How do I continually get a great night's rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energised?
When did I find time to make my vegie pizza?
Why did my MYOB class finished so early this evening?
How am I able to get up early enough, feeling energised, in order to do my exercises, qi gong, and prayer work?
Why do I enjoy my job so much?
How do I manage to keep such an upbeat, happy attitude all the time?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!
Thanksgiving Graphics

How did My 5 bake chicken turned out just perfect?
How did we get all the cooking down with little effort and very quickly?
Why do I feel so relaxed today?
How did the place get so clean?
Why do I feel so happy today?
How did my Mom have such a great time with everyone?
Why is today such a joyous day?
Why do I feel so blessed?

Happy Thanksgiving


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